Neil’s 356 Restoration, LLC

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Neil Goldberg–Award-winning 356 Restoration Specialist

Neil purchased his first Porsche, a Bumblebee Limited Edition 914, in 1975.

The 914 had 2 trunks, front and back, and, as a salesman on the road, this was the perfect car for fun and work. Neil spent a year driving his 914 all over Michigan and Ohio, summer, winter, spring and fall, racking up over 60,000 miles.

In 1975 he also joined the Porsche Club of America and the local South East Michigan region, where he discovered the art of Concours. Neil dominated the local scene with his pristine 914.

His first PCA Parade as a competitor in national concours was in 1981, in Ashville North Carolina, with the 914. Having driven his car from Detroit to Ashville, he still placed second in his class at his first Parade.

In 1984 Neil purchased his first of many 911s.

1989 began the beginning of a true love affair. Neil discovered the 356! Since then Neil has owned and showed 356 models, from the 356A thru the 356C, including Carreras and Speedsters.

On the National Level, Neil’s cars have consistently placed in the top of their classes along with 3 Peoples Choice awards.

Today, Neil has turned this long love affair with Porsches and, in particular the 356, into a booming restoration business. With over 35 years’ experience at concours with a variety of models, and with national recognition, he now has opened shop located at 444 W. Maple, Unit F, Troy, MI 48084.